Success Story: Jason Stover

Jason Stover was just 14 years old when faced with a very adult decision: continue employment as a dishwasher in order to afford his private school tuition, or quit in order to preserve his stellar GPA—a decision which would also dictate he transfer to public school.

Imagine his surprise when that decision was lifted off his shoulders.

“Kevin McNicholas told me ‘you have a lot of promise and deserve a first-class education.’ The next day I received a letter from the tuition office stating that all expenses were paid in full by an anonymous person.”

The support did not stop there. Following graduation, Stover received a partial athletic and academic scholarship to Adams State College. Realizing Stover’s future potential, McNicholas generously helped offset uncovered tuition costs, explaining to Stover that his “focus needs to be on school, not on tuition.”

Kevin partially attributes his management and leadership style to the guidance and education he received at Benedictine College. So, as Kevin headed to his alma mater to accept a business ethics award, Stover accompanied him. What he saw obviously made an impression. Stover soon enrolled at Benedictine, proudly following in Kevin’s footsteps by majoring in business administration.

We could go on about the relationship between mentor and mentee, but perhaps it’s best to let Stover explain in his own words.

“The support Kevin and Mary have provided me over the years has been monumental in my overall development as a professional, husband and father. Without their kindheartedness and avenues paved, I’m not sure where I would be.

I know this much: today, I stand here as a thriving senior manager equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to be a successful businessman. I take great pride in the fact that my legacy will be a small footprint of Kevin and Mary’s. And I’m so honored to have the privilege of championing their efforts and the TKM Foundation!”

Success Story: Francisco J Garcia

Francisco Garcia always had big dreams. Making them come to fruition, however, was another story altogether.

“As I grew up and envisioned my future, I set many goals. The older I got, however, I realized that there would be obstacles along the way that would set me back. And, just when I thought I had to give up on my dreams, I met Kevin McNicholas. He is one of the most noble and giving people I have ever met.”

McNicholas saw such unfettered drive and exceptional will to succeed in Garcia that he completely funded his education, thus allowing Garcia the freedom to focus his energy and attention on succeeding in his studies. But, the financial generosity was only part of the equation, says Garcia.

“Kevin’s encouraging advice has guided me throughout the years. I’m very proud to say I’ve had someone like Kevin in my life.”

Testimonial: Dick Campbell

When Father Pedro Arrupe, S.J., the former Father General of the Society of Jesus, coined the motto for the Jesuit education apostolate to educate “Men and Women for Others,” he did not know Kevin McNicholas, but he had to have a man like Kevin in mind. Kevin is truly a man for others.

Kevin and I often joke and refer to our affliction of “Irish Guilt”. Kevin may be afflicted with Irish guilt, but he also has an Irish heart bigger than the size of the Emerald Isle itself. For forty years I have had the privilege of watching Kevin and his business enterprise grow in size and stature. At the same time, his outreach and compassion for the poor, the needy, and the downtrodden has outsized his personal and professional success. He is, without a doubt, one of the most empathetic and generous human beings to have graced the planet.

Kevin’s stature as a legend and icon in his business is dwarfed by his stature as a caring, compassionate, generous “Man for Others.” I am proud, honored, and privileged to call Kevin McNicholas my friend.

Dick Campbell
Campbell Killin Brittan & Ray, LLC